How to choose the perfect gift card

Giving a good gift is not as simple as it seems from the beginning. It is necessary to know the habits of the person, whom you plan to congratulate, to understand his preferences, hobbies and much more. Sometimes, even making the best choice in your opinion, you will not satisfy your desires and requests, and maybe even cause discomfort. That is why some people prefer not to give gifts or give money at all. However, money as a gift is also not the best solution – it is much more interesting and useful to give a certificate.

A gift certificate is a universal gift, which allows you to choose your own gift. A person comes to the store or salon, picks up everything from the assortment that is interesting for him/her and pays not with money, but with a plastic or paper card with a unique code. 

History of gift certificate 

Originally, gift certificates appeared as follows. They were invented by publisher Harold Raymond, who was given a lot of gifts at Christmas, but only three of them were books. He wondered why books were given so rarely and came to the conclusion that all out of banal fear of making a mistake – friends and family knew that he loved literature, but had no idea what kind of literature he liked. Then, in 1932, he released the first coupons from the bookstore so that people could give them to each other. This idea seemed interesting to other manufacturers and store owners. They began to produce and sell paper cards, which were becoming more and more popular.

In the 1970s, even at McDonald’s, it was possible to have lunch not for cash, but by paying with a little paper, which one person gave to another. In all this history, the only omission was that such paper could print almost anyone who had a printer. Therefore, in 1994, the certificates were protected by watermarks, plastic and other means. 

Now this type of gift has become one of the most popular. Stores with different kinds of goods offer to exchange goods and services for a unique plastic card: pet stores, boutiques with clothes and shoes, technical salons, cosmetics stores – this list can be continued endlessly. People have realized that this is how they can give another person what he wants, without asking in advance and without buying at random. 

How to choose the best certificate? 

Since there are so many different types of certificates, the question “which one to choose” still arises. After all, even in this case we may not guess. For example, we will present a certificate from a perfume store, and the recipient simply does not like and does not use them. Especially on this occasion, you should first study more carefully the habits of the person. It can be used in any partner store or salon for any goods or services that are in the range. It is convenient, because there are really many partners. Also the certificate, unlike many others, is valid not one month, but much longer. It can be issued for different amounts of money. It will be a good present for both your relatives and friends, as well as for your colleagues and even your boss. For example, you can give an office max gift card.

A gift certificate is not just an original gift, it is a set of impressions. Gift certificates are more than just a sign of attention. A gift certificate is a perfect declaration of love, the best compliment, unsurpassed feelings, inimitable drive and new heights. Gift Certificate can be selected according to the intended interests and age of the person to whom it will be intended, by choosing its design and packaging. A gift certificate will be a great gift for relatives and friends for their birthday.