DevOps companies: why do you need them and how to choose?

DevOps is an efficient and popular approach to software development. It allows making a software development lifecycle seamless because of automation and team cohesiveness. Sometimes DevOps methodology requires changes to all the processes but the result is worth it.

DevOps implementation has some steps, including assessment of current infrastructure, sometimes redesigning the infrastructure, cloud migration and automation of routine processes. Also, it includes a lot of work with teams and their mindset. DevOps is often called philosophy because it pays a lot of attention to relations in the team and their reconstruction. DevOps is not only about technologies, but it is also about mutual respect in the team. There are a lot of DevOps companies that can transform your processes.

Why do you need to hire a DevOps company?

When you need DevOps transformation you have two common ways – to hire in-house specialists or to hire a dedicated team from Managed Service Provider (MSP). The first way can be long, expensive and laborious. You should try to find talents one by one and hire them. Also, you should equip every workplace with necessary appliances and take care of the employees. If you need a team only for a project, there will be a lot of problems after the project ends. Because you should pay salaries or fire all the team.

Talking about a dedicated DevOps team, you can hire such a team for the project and just say goodbye at the finish. DevOps companies usually are very qualified and experienced, so you can be sure the project will be done.

How to choose a dedicated DevOps team?

You might look for a team on different freelance platforms like UpWork or you can refer to a reputable MSP and they will choose the most appropriate team for your project. You can find reliable MSP on different ratings like Clutch, for example, or by recommendation. Before the partnership, try to find feedback from the previous customers, also you might google for media references or other information.

Ask your future partner about successful cases, tools and technologies they use. Reliable MSP will answer all your questions. You might also speak with the Team Lead or Senior specialists and understand if you want to work with these people or not.

Final thoughts about DevOps companies

DevOps methodology is very beneficial for business because it provides faster releases and better relationships in the team. If you want to implement DevOps in your company, you have two variants – to collect an in-house team or to hire a dedicated team. The second variant is more beneficial because you shouldn’t pay salaries after the project finish and shouldn’t equip workplaces or extend the office.

The main risk with a dedicated team is to find an unscrupulous DevOps company that will fail the project. To avoid it, look for feedback and try to find as much information about the company, as possible. Also, ask your questions and speak about your concerns related to the project. Experienced MSP willhave the decision for your situation almost in any case. The more experienced the company is, the more best practices they know and can implement.

Thus said, don’t be afraid of DevOps transformation. It is a great idea for the business. Through implementing DevOps methodology, you increase your competitiveness on the market several times. So, plan ahead for the digital transformation, find a good MSP and reap the benefits!.