In Search of Fortune: What Croupiers and Customers Do

Casino makes even the most convinced skeptic and pragmatist superstitious. If you sit for hours at the gaming table or just watch how others play, you willy-nilly begin to believe in luck, omens and Fortune. At first, you make fun of customers who only cut a deck with their left hand or wear the same shirt, but after a while their behavior doesn’t seem so funny anymore. You acquire amulets and learn to attract luck in different ways. And already you become the object of ridicule of newcomers who have not yet understood the essence of what is happening in the casino. 

If you are looking for reviews about leovegas canada, you should use specialized resources such as This will help you find a reliable casino. In this article, we want to talk about the most ridiculous prejudices found in the circles of the gambling public.

  • Pissed corners – One client (by the way, rich and respectable) first thing he did was go to the bathroom and pee in all four corners. The cleaning ladies recognized this and as soon as they saw him, they went straight to wiping the floor and walls. He was aware that everyone knew about his habit, but he continued his wet work. By the way, it didn’t do him any good.
  • Dick under the table. The croupiers in one casino used to draw dicks on the inside of the tabletop, turned toward the customers. One day someone blabbed to one of the players. He told his friends, and they spread the word. In the end, some loser got under the table, made sure he saw that the dicks were there, and caused a brawl. 
  • Coins scattered around the room. This is a common practice. Many customers sneak pennies under the table. Some are said to bring in money that they’ve been bewitched for. Allegedly they go to the local fortunetellers, and they make some kind of manipulation with them. Casino workers have even found coins under the linings of chairs and behind the armrests on tables.
  • The boy with the golden hand. An old patriarch of the local diaspora of some nationality took a boy (well, like a boy – about twenty-five years old) who always cut him a deck. Allegedly he had a lucky hand. Apparently, the boy had no other duties. It went on like that for a very long time, and then the old man died. That dude was never seen in the casino again.
  • Kids for Luck. By law, there should be no minors in the casinos. In practice, children are constantly wandering around the room, fidgeting underfoot and climbing even into the cash register. Usually it’s the children of regular customers or management. Some bring their children on purpose, believing they bring good luck. 
  • A lucky cognac. One geezer was sincerely convinced that he was lucky when he drinks a certain brand of cognac (some nonsense like “White Stork”). If that brand wasn’t on the bar, he refused to play or made minimal bets.
  • Godspeed. Where’s God and where’s the gambling? But both customers and dealers go to church for their fortune. There are croupiers, who went in shifts to place a candle when they were unlucky for a long time. Fathers came to consecrate the casino, and no one was embarrassed by this rite. Players carry icons (some even put them on the table).
  • Beginner’s luck. The old tale that new customers are lucky, many people do not rest. Often veteran visitors crouch at the table of the newcomer, hoping to bite a piece of luck. It’s especially funny to watch these “green” players. They don’t understand why they get so much attention and even respect.
  • Backdoor entry. There are clients who persistently try to slip in through the back door and the back offices. They’re sure that’s how they’ll attract good luck.

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