Ideas for maintaining and promoting Instagram

Do you want your page to be promoted by Instagram algorithms and photos to be shown to more people? To do so, you need to be active yourself, both on and off your profile. At the start you will have to use services such as This will help you gain the trust of your audience. Let’s take a closer look at the main tips to help you become more popular on Instagram.

Frequent posting

It is not necessary to publish 10 posts a day, but you should do several posts a week regularly. 4-5 posts per week is optimal.

Timing of posting

Studies have shown that the best time to post is at 2 and 5 pm. However, you may notice that posts get more views and likes if they are published between 9 and 11 o’clock. So there is only one conclusion to be drawn: everything is individual and depends on your audience. It makes sense to post at different times for a while to eventually identify your personal prime time.

Video Content

This type of content became popular back in 2017. Some people think it will soon supplant photo content. Combining photo posts with videos is definitely worth it. Videos make you linger on a post, thereby increasing your time visiting the page. And Instagram’s algorithms take into account how often users visit your profile and how much time they spend there. In addition, videos gain more Instagram comments, and it’s easier to reach the top. This can be one way to develop Instagram for free.

Publishing stories

Not everyone knows this, but you can get to the top with stories, too. And if you find yourself there, then the influx of new subscribers is guaranteed. Some SMM specialists recommend publishing at least 15-25 stories per day. Sometimes such a figure can confuse users. They worry that they won’t have enough ideas for so many stories. Here are some options for what you can post in Stories:

  1. Make a quiz or have a poll, a vote;
  2. Start a question-and-answer section with subscribers;
  3. Tell about the exclusive promo, which is valid only for 1 day;
  4. Make an announcement of a new publication in your feed to increase its coverage;
  5. Show visually the effect of a new product.

Live broadcasts

It’s not enough for people to just admire beautiful pictures. They want to see the person behind them, feel their energy. Live broadcasts boost your credibility as an expert, and get you closer to your subscribers. And through joint live broadcasts you can exchange followers with other bloggers. What better way to promote Instagram for free? Look for accounts with related topics and arrange with their authors for joint live broadcasts. To avoid awkward pauses in the broadcasts, always prepare for them in advance. Determine a topic for your live broadcast and create an outline or plan. Another important thing to note: Tell your subscribers about your upcoming broadcast in advance. That way they can plan their time and you’ll get more real-time views.


To specify geolocation, click the “Add location” button while posting a photo. Through geolocation, you can attract audiences from different cities as well as subscribers from the region. For example, if you have your own beauty salon, you will mostly need subscribers from your city. In this case, you will specify only your city in the tags. In geolocation you can specify not only your company address, but also popular places in your city (shopping malls, parks and squares, theaters, cafes, etc.). This will help reach even more people.

Buy new followers

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